The Platte County Detention Facility located at 1125 E. 17th Street was completed in June of 2003 at a cost of$7,176,034.00. The facility has an inmate capacity of 144 adult inmates. The Platte County Detention Facility replaces the old Platte County Jail which is located in the Courthouse. The previous jail had a inmate capacity of 27 adult inmates. The old jail is still used  on a daily basis for persons sentenced from court until they can be picked up and those transported to the Courthouse from the Detention Facility for court appearances

PODS The facility incorporates several types of housing. Open bay housing is used for workers and minimum security inmates, with cell block pods used for inmates of a more serious nature.

B Pod, which has a capacity of 32 inmates incorporates two man cell blocks.


A Pod, Open Bay for Inmate workers and Work Release.


Currently Platte County contracts with several area counties for holding their adult inmates. The basic cost to other counties is $50.00 per day per inmate, unless there is a exclusive contract in place in which case the per day rate is lower. The Detention Facility books an average of 3,000 inmates per year.


The majority of the Detention Facility is controlled by officers in the Master Control Room. The entire facility is run from this room through touch screen computers.


Inmate Visitation Inmate visitation is conducted on a daily basis (except for week-ends and holidays). All persons entering visitation must pass through a metal detector and be listed on the inmates list of visitors expected. Only non-contact visitation is allowed. Each inmate is allowed 2 hours of visitation per week.

Recreation Area

The Platte County Detention facility offers both inside and outside recreation areas. Recreation for inmates is held on a daily basis with each inmate being allowed 1 hour of recreation time per day, Monday - Friday.

Food Service

The Platte County Detention Facility contracts with CBM Food Service for inmate food service. All meal menus are inspected to insure they provide the required nutrition required by Jail Standards Rules and Regulations.

Court Room

The Detention Facility has a court room built into the facility. A video link has been established between the Detention Facility and the County Court, making it possible to hold certain proceedings without transporting inmates outside the facility. A video link is also being established to other counties.

Medical Services

The Platte County Detention Facility currently contracts with Advance Correctional Health for inmate medical services. The   Facility has two  certified nurses for inmate medical needs. A Doctor from Advanced Correctional Health visits the Facility at least once a week.


Inmate Services

Bible Study Groups, NA: Narcotics Anonymous, Translation Services, Inmate Law Library, Inmate Telephone System, Non-Contact Visitation, Job Search Clinic, Laundry Services, Medical Services, Library, Inmate Commissary, GED: General Equivalency Diploma, AA: Alcoholics Anonymous.

2610 14th St.

Columbus, NE  68601