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Platte County Dive Rescue Team

The Platte County Dive Rescue Team, generally called the "Dive Team" originated in 1984.  There are currently 16 members on the Dive Team consisting of 11 members from the Platte County Sheriff's Office, 1 member from the Columbus Police Department, and 4 members from the public.  8 team members are certified Scuba Divers.  

The team primarily responds to calls within Platte County, Nebraska, however our services have been requested throughout central Nebraska.  

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Our primary mission is to maintain a team of trained personnel who can respond quickly and efficiently in urban, remote, rural, rivers, lakes and wilderness areas in all weather conditions to search for, rescue and recover those lost, injured or deceased victims of natural and man-made disasters. 

Contact us for more information at

(402) 564-3229.

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