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Employment for Corrections Officer

The position of Corrections Officer for the Platte County Sheriff’s Department shall act as a direct link between the facility and those incarcerated there.  This position requires the officer to carry out all daily duties as designated by policy and procedure and those assigned by superior officers. 


You must be nineteen (19) years of age and a citizen of the United States.  You must be of good character, so as to be free of any convictions of any crime punishable by imprisonment in a state or federal penitentiary for a term of one (1) year or more, or any misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude, or from which a pardon has not been received. 

You must possess a High School Diploma or possess a certificate which certifies an educational development of at least a high school graduation level (GED).  You must meet any and all other requirements as specified by the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and any requirements as established by the Platte County Sheriff’s Office Merit Commission Rules.

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Our Detention Facility is located at 1125 E. 17th Street in Columbus, Nebraska.  It was completed in June of 2003 at a cost of $7,176,034.00. The facility has an inmate capacity of 144 adult inmates. The facility incorporates several types of housing. Open bay housing is used for workers and minimum security inmates, with cell block pods used for inmates of a more serious nature.

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